Lessons from building tech startups and reflections on the developer life

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Meet CTOs, developers and technologists from fast-moving startups.

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What will I learn?

Startup Tech Talks is about stories and lessons learned from the middle of the action: the challenges and insights gained in the trenches of tech startups.

Topics include a mix of high-level perspectives on tech trends, actionable advice for building tech products, and career insights about being a developer.

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Next event
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Past Speakers

Overview of the React Ecosystem
Rami Sayar
Senior Technical Evangelist at Microsoft Canada. I make web and open source software.
From Observer to Participant: How to Follow Your Passion for Tech
Geoff Goodman
Creator of plnkr.co, former accountant and now full-stack swiss-army knife at Auth0.
Building Your Company on Heroku + Google Sheets: from a Technical Perspective
Eric Walker
CTO at Flatbook.co, passionate about reinventing classic business through tech and travel.
Lessons Learned (So Far) Becoming a Developer
Eric Kueper
Lead iOS Developer at DogSync, enthusiastic about early-stage entrepreneurship and feedback-driven product development.
JSON-LD, the Internet of Things and the Pervasive Sharing Economy
Jeffrey Dungen
Co-founder and CEO of reelyActive, Computer Engineer, passionate about the Internet of Things and the Pervasive Sharing Economy.
Philippe Rivard
Founder & CEO, Nukern, Entrepreneur with 12+ years experience in IT and web hosting. UI aficionado. Web design lover. Solution finder.
Adolfo Rodriguez
CTO at relevant.ai PhD in math and enthusiastic Swift developer.
Ryan Desgroseillers
COO at Apisen, background in electrical engineering and information technology, focused on B2B and B2G technology applications.
Tuyet Minh Truong
CEO and Founder at KTRL-P, electrical engineer, passionate about bringing technology easy and accessible for everyone.
Nathan Zylbersztejn
Co-founder at Airdesk, mobile software engineer.